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Each day at Softdental clinic here in Houston, we welcome new dental patient with a smile and with open arms. In fact, our entire dental team members are confident that you, our new dental patient as well as our existing ones, will be very happy with our services here. Why? Because we are not only technically skilled in the art of Laser, Cosmetic and Family Dentistry, but we also are strongly committed to Our greatest wish as the Houston Laser, Cosmetic, and Family Dentistry providers is that the Houston patients judge our care to be the best possible, according to their personal standards. By treating you, first and always, and not as a means of creating profits for ourselves, we hope that we can earn your trust as an ethical and skillful dental practitioners in Laser, Cosmetic and Family Dentistry
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You are important. We want to get to know you. We will tell you who we are, and we will call you by your name. We will take time to listen to you. We won't talk about you in your room or outside your door unless you know what is happening.


Your ideas and feelings about how you want to be cared for are important. You can tell us how we can help you feel more comfortable. You can tell us how you want to take part in your care. You can make choices whenever possible. Sometimes you can decide when and where you get your dental treatments. You and your family are important. All families are different and we want to learn about what's important to you and your family. We will work together to make you as safe and comfortable as possible.


We will explain things to you. We will speak in ways you can understand. You can ask about what is happening to you and why. Someone who speaks your language will help explain things to you. Someone from your family can be with you when people are explaining things to you.


When you are in our dental clinic, you might feel scared, mad, lonely, or sad. You can let people know how you feel. It is okay to cry or complain. You can have your family with you as much as possible. We will consider all your interests and needs, not just those related to your dental problems and cosmetic concerns.


Regardless of the payment arrangements between you and our dental practice, every treatment or recommendation by Dr. Nguyen will be based on his belief that is is in your best interest. He will not participate in any dental insurance plan that offers him compensation so heavily weighted toward cost containment that it could create a temptation to place this factor above your welfare. Nor will he offer you treatment on a fee-for-service basis that are inappropriate or unnecessary, or at unreasonable fees.
Occasionally, a procedure that may have little hope of benefit or that may not normally be "covered" by your dental insurance might still be appropriate for you to consider. Dr. Nguyen will support you in asking your insurance plan to pay for any reasonable treatment, regardless of plan policy. Dr. Nguyen may also encourage you to pay yourself for "uncovered" items that he believes offer valuable benefits not available under your plan. However, Dr. Nguyen will advise you against dental procedures that are wasteful, frivolous or irrational.

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