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Hard Tissue Laser in Cosmetic Dentistry

Because lasers use steady and concentrated light to remove unhealthy tooth structure, they have several advantages over the traditional dental drill.

* The laser creates a highly effective bonding surface on the tooth.

Because the laser is very bright, we first provide you with special glasses to shield your eyes. We then carefully move the laser over the damaged or decayed portion of your teeth. We use a water spray to cool the teeth we are treating. After preparation, teeth are usually restored with one of the new white dental cosmetic filling materials that can be bonded to the teeth.

With the hard tissue laser, we can remove some kinds of old fillings, repair cavities, and prepare teeth for bonding. It allows us to remove the smallest amount of tooth structure and place strong, natural looking dental cosmetic restorations in the shortest amount of time.

Hard Tissue Lasers have been used for many years in Houston dentistry, but only recent breakthroughs have allowed us to use lasers on teeth.

Delight: Hard-Tissue Laser
The DELight is an Er:YAG dental laser system that has FDA approval for both hard- and soft-tissue applications. During laboratory evaluation, the DELight met all electrical safety standards, and made preparations on smooth surfaces that were as conservative as those made by a 329 bur.

Hard & Soft Tissue Laser- An Overview and Comparision
The idea of using lasers for hard tissue dentistry has instant appeal for patients and Houston dentists: no drill, shots, vibration, or unpleasant sound. I had already been an avid air abrasion user, and I still am for the times when it is the best tool in certain instances. I had been using a Premier diode laser for several years when the company finally received the first FDA approval for a hard tissue laser.


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