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Some of the alternatives to a partial denture are:




  delaying treatment

In some cases, bridges are an alternative to partial dentures. Sometimes, when we don't have enough teeth to place a bridge, we can solve the problem by placing an implant. A dental implant is a small titanium cylinder that's surgically inserted into the bone of the jaw to replace the root of a missing tooth.

Removing the rest of your teeth and making a denture is another alternative. You can also delay treatment, but be aware that infected teeth and gums never heal on their own. They just keep getting worse. If you're not in a lot of pain, you might decide to leave your teeth as they are, at least for now. But that could be risky; infections of the teeth and gums can weaken your body's immune system and that could affect your overall health. Sometimes, when you're missing teeth, a partial denture is the best alternative to fill in spaces and keep you chewing comfortably and effectively.



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