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Losing your teeth, no matter what the reason, can be a traumatic experience. And dentures, particularly a full set, can give you some problems in the beginning. Here are some tips to make the adjustment period more comfortable for you:

  When you first get your dentures, leave them in for the first 24 hours. The "full-mouth" feeling is common; it will eventually go away.

  If you feel "gaggy," sucking on a hard candy will help.

  The muscles of your mouth may be a bit sore; you are now using different muscles than you may have used before.

  Some sore spots might develop from the dentures rubbing against the sensitive soft tissue in your mouth. These spots will toughen and the soreness will disappear.

  Feel like you are drooling? This too will diminish with time.

  Talking might feel a little awkward at first. You can practice by talking to yourself or reading aloud.

  Avoid eating foods that are too hard or sticky.

  Try not to bite with your front teeth; this can pull dentures out. Be patient with yourself. It takes time to get used to new dentures, but soon they will feel more natural in your mouth. If you have a persistent problem, though, be sure to contact your dentist as soon possible.

Source - The American Dental Association


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