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Alternative options of dental implants
Alternatives to implant

Alternatives to Dental Implant

Is dental implant right for you?

Remember the excitement of losing a tooth when you were six years old? Well, that excitement fizzled somewhere on the road to adulthood. Losing a tooth as an adult is hardly a cause for celebration.

But there is a silver lining to the lost-tooth storm cloudódental implants. Made from titanium posts that attach directly to the jawbone and anchor a permanent artificial tooth, implants are becoming increasingly popular restorations to replace one or a few teeth. Record numbers of Americans are paying upwards of $2000 out-of-pocket per implant. In fact, over the last ten years the number of patients receiving dental implants has tripled, according to an American Dental Association survey.

Implants are lifelike and practically indistinguishable from natural teeth, and they fit so securely that you won't even notice them when you chew and speak. In essence, they're the next best thing to your natural teeth. And implant dentistry has advanced to the point that dentists can place implants with the same confidence and skills they've used in the past for crowns and bridges.

Do implants work for everyone?

Even if you're the most patient person in the world, implants won't work for you if you aren't in good general health. You also have to have healthy gums and enough bone in your jaws to support the implants, and you must be willing to be meticulous about regular dental visits and your dental hygiene. Implants also aren't advised if you suffer from a chronic illness such as diabetes, as this can interfere with healing. And if you're a smoker, you're not a good candidate for implants; smokers are at greater risk for gum disease than non-smokers, and gum disease weakens the gum and bone tissue needed to support implants.

If you're interested in implants to replace a missing or lost tooth, your dentist will perform a thorough evaluation to determine if your health and lifestyle are conducive to this type of restoration.

What are the alternatives to dental implants?

Implants are often used to replace missing teeth. If you decide against implants, there are a few other options.
  • partial dentures
  • bridges
  • full dentures
  • delaying treatment
If you have some remaining teeth, a partial denture may be an appropriate alternative. A partial denture is held in place by clips or other special attachments. It can do a nice job of replacing missing teeth.

A bridge might also be a good alternative if there are teeth remaining next to the affected tooth. There are several types of bridges, but they all use the neighboring teeth as anchors.

If you now wear a denture, replacing or relining it may allow you to continue to use it.

Delaying a decision is always an alternative, although it's often not the best one. But you may decide to wait while you consider your options.

Eat, smile and talk with confidence and comfort

People are living longer and healthier lives, and because more people are recognizing the benefits of preventive care, more people are keeping most of their teeth for a lifetime. But sometimes, despite the best of efforts, a tooth is lost. "As we age, we don't do many of the things we did when we were younger," Lingle said. "But the three things everyone wants to do throughout their lifetimes are eat, smile and talk. Implants can help patients do all three, and they appear very natural," he said. "Looking good has no age limit."

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