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Comestic bonding with composite
Composite bonding

Cosmetic Dental Bonding: A Smile Makeover

Your wedding is in two weeks and your budget is getting tight, but you have always wished to have the perfect smile as you and your loved one walk to the center stage. What can you do?  Better or worse, because you are in deed the "centerpiece" of the celebration, all cameras will relentlessly zoom in and reveal your front teeth as you smile. If you are not happy with your front teeth, your cosmetic dentist can help you to improve them, instantly.  The "smile-makeover," a dental bonding service, can:

  • cover your discolored teeth,
  • lineup your crooked teeth,
  • repair your chipped teeth,
  • fill the gap between your teeth, abd
  • glamorize your smile.

What is dental bonding?

This is a procedure that utilizes a composite resin for cosmetic enhancement and restoration of decayed teeth. The composite consists of glass and porcelain particles fused into a liquid plastic and it is matched up accordingly to the color of the patients’ teeth. Because the bonded tooth blends well with the surrounding teeth, it will give a more natural look. After the composite is applied and adjusted to the tooth, it is hardened with the use of a high intensity light. It is then buffered and polished to smooth out any rough surfaces.

In what kinds of circumstances can dental bonding be used?

Since bonding is so versatile, it can be used in a wide array of situations. As an alternative to silver amalgam, bonding can be used to fill cavities and repair decayed teeth. Patients can smile confidently with bonding versus with a mouth full of silver fillings. In addition, bonding can replace the void left behind from a chip, crack, or any gap in teeth. If a patient is unsatisfied with the length, color, or shape of their teeth, bonding can be applied to adjust their teeth to a level that will be satisfactory to their desires. All these minor imperfections can be masked with bonding treatment.

What is the fee for the dental bonding? 

The total fee for a dental bonding service is based on how many teeth your dentist needs to work on to get your smile perfect.  The average bonding fee in Houston is approximately $250 - $350 per tooth.  Often, your dentist will recommend a tooth whitening procedure prior to bonding. The fee for the whitening procedure is about $350 - $500.

What are the advantages and disadvantages to bonding?

In comparison to other procedures such as bridges, veneers, or crowns, bonding is very inexpensive and fast. All the work is done in the dental office and usually takes a short period of time to complete. Whereas, the other procedures may take multiple visits to the office and require the assistance of a laboratory to produce the teeth coverings, which usually takes at least a week to fabricate. Thus, there is a delay in the time of completion. Also, since bonding does not involve any surgery or drilling, it is practically pain free and no anesthesia is needed in most cases. One of the great things about bonding though is how natural it looks and feels.

Although bonding improves your smile significantly, it is only considered as a temporary replacement. It is not nearly as durable and strong as bridges, veneers, crowns, and other forms of fillings. The composite of bonding is more susceptible to chip, break, or stain, which would result in additional treatment. Even though bonding provides a quick and inexpensive alternative, it could possibly end up being more costly in the long run, if more and more work is required and continues to be problematic.

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