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Dental Implants-Diagnosis and Treatment Options

Single-unit dental implant

Restoring the mouth with a dental implant is accomplished in two phases. The first phase is the surgical placement of the implant. It is left under the gums for several months so the bone can attach to it. After healing, the second phase begins; the implant is re-exposed, and the new crown is made.
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Two-units bridge implants

Using implants to support a bridge is an excellent way to replace missing teeth. Like other bridges, a dental bridge uses abutments for support and to hold it in place. Dental implants are small titanium cylinders that are surgically inserted into the bone of the jaw to replace the roots of missing teeth. Artificial teeth are attached to the implants and can be used as part of a bridge.
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Edentulous jaw implants for denture

Occasionally, a patient just isn't able to comfortably wear a denture. He may complain of constant pain or a persistent "gaggy" feeling. Or he might say his dentures just don't stay in place. Using dental implants to support a denture will keep the pressure off the bone and nerves.
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Alternatives for dental implants

Implants are often used to replace missing teeth. If you decide against implants, there are a few other options. They include partial dentures, bridges, full dentures, and delaying treatment.
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