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Superfloss and Floss Threader

The success of a dental treatment depends on the support of the oral health. Both the restorations and health of the adjacent teeth and gums are needed to keep clean and free of plaque. You must learn how to brush and floss your bridge, braces, teeth and surrounding gum thoroughly every time you eat.

At first, it is difficult to keep your gum and teeth under the bridge or around the braces plaque-free. The superfloss and floss threaders can dramatically help your homecare routine. Superfloss is a special kind of dental floss that comes in two sections. One segment is thin and stiff, which allows you to thread it through tight areas. The other segment is fuzzy, which facilitates the removal dental plaque.  First you need to thread the stiff segment of the superfloss under your bridge or dental braces, then pull the floss to the fuzzy segment, and finally floss your teeth like you would normally do.

Alternatively, you can use a floss threader. A floss threader has one thin, stiff end and a loop through which you can thread dental floss through. The stiff end of threader helps you to slide the floss through tight spaces between your teeth and bridge. First, thread the floss through the loop of the threader, next slide the stiff end between your teeth or under your bridge (or braces), and then carefully pull until the floss comes between your teeth and your bridge (or braces). Now, remove the floss threader from your mouth and use the dental floss as you commonly would.


Holding a dental superflossSuperfloss and floss threaders are good ways to remove plaque under bridges and braces.

<- This is superfloss.

It has a stiff end that helps to thread it through tight areas. It also has a fuzzy tufted segment that can remove plaque as you floss. Just insert the superfloss and floss each area as you would normally.

Floss threaderThis is a floss threader. ->

You put floss through the loop and then you can pull the floss through tight spots under bridges and braces.

Depending on the situation, we may recommend extra tools and ways to help keeping all the regions around your bridge and your braces plaque-free. At first, it may seem a little awkward to clean under your new bridge and braces. However, after about one week, you will rapidly become accustomed to this new dental hygiene routine.

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