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Pano x-ray
Dental panorex X-ray
Panorex X-ray machine
Dental Panorex Machine

Panoramic Dental  X-ray

A panographic x-ray gives our Houston dentist a panoramic view of your mouth. It provides valuable information about:

  • the position of wisdom teethreceding bone levels, which is a sign of periodontal disease
  • the jaw-joint problems
  • the sinus problems

The x-ray film is positioned outside your mouth, and the x-ray head rotates around you. A lead apron protects the rest of your body while our Houston dentist takes x-rays of your mouth. Dental x-rays use high-speed film, so the amount of radiation exposure is very low. Though machines vary, a panographic x-ray only adds about as much radiation as you'd get from 10 extra days of natural background radiation. Even if you've recently had other x-rays taken, a panographic x-ray does not add to that exposure.

Panographic x-rays are comfortable and safe. They give our dentist information that he can't get from any other source.

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